Welcome to Royal Kittens UK! The Pillar of Royalty

 At UK”s Royal Kittens, we specialize in the home breeding of a variety of exquisite kitten breeds, each treated with the utmost care and love, as true royalty deserves. Our mission is to provide families with healthy, happy, and well-socialized kittens that will become cherished members of your household.


our breeds

British Shorthair

Known for their plush coats and
friendly personalities.


Exotic appearance
with a playful and energetic nature.


Gentle giants with stunning blue eyes
and a loving disposition.

Maine Coon

Large, friendly cats with tufted ears and
bushy tails.


Hairless and affectionate, perfect
for allergy sufferers.


Elegant and vocal, known for their
striking color points.

Scottish Fold

Unique folded ears and sweet, gentle personalities.


Luxurious long fur and calm, laid-back temperament. 


Active, curious, and known for their
distinctive ticked coat.


hypoallergenic kittens for sale

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Are you allergic to cats but still dream of having a feline companion?


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we offer hypoallergenic kittens that could be the perfect solution.
These special breeds produce fewer allergens, making them more suitable for allergy sufferers.
Our hypoallergenic kittens are not only adorable and affectionate but also come with the peace of
mind that you can enjoy their company with minimal allergic reactions.
Explore our selection of hypoallergenic kittens and find your perfect pet today!

Why You Should Adopt a Pet Kitten
Over a Pet puppy

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Adopting a pet is a significant decision, and while both kittens and puppies make wonderful companions,
there are several reasons why adopting a kitten might be the better choice for you.
At UKRoyalKittens.com, we are passionate about helping you find the perfect feline friend.
Here’s why a kitten could be the ideal addition to your home.
Lower Maintenance
Independence: Kittens are more independent than puppies and don’t need constant supervision.
They can entertain themselves, making them ideal for busy lifestyles.
Easy Litter Training: Kittens quickly learn to use a litter box, making house-training simpler compared to puppies.
Space Efficiency
Adaptable Living: Kittens adapt well to smaller spaces like apartments and don’t need as much room as puppies.
Indoor Life: Kittens thrive indoors, eliminating the need for frequent outdoor walks.
Quieter Companionship
Less Noise: Kittens are quieter than puppies, creating a peaceful home environment.
Calm Energy: Kittens have manageable energy levels and are less likely to be destructive.
Lower Costs: Initial costs for adopting a kitten are usually lower, and essentials like food and toys are more affordable.
Lower Vet Bills: Kittens typically have fewer health issues and lower veterinary bills compared to puppies.
Integration: Kittens adapt quickly to new environments and are more accepting of other pets.
Flexible Feeding: Kittens can be fed on a more flexible schedule than puppies.
Longevity and Companionship
Long-Term Companions: Cats often live longer than dogs, providing many years of companionship.
Deep Bonding: Kittens can be very affectionate and form strong connections with their human families.
Lower Exercise Needs
Less Exercise Required: Kittens don’t need as much physical exercise as puppies and can easily be entertained indoors.
Mental Stimulation: Kittens enjoy mental stimulation through toys and exploration.
At UKRoyalKittens.com, we believe
that kittens make exceptional pets, offering unique benefits that suit various lifestyles.
Adopting a kitten from us means welcoming a loving, playful, and low-maintenance companion into your home.
Start your journey today and discover the joys of having a kitten as your new best friend!

hypoallergenic balinese kittens for sale
Purebreed Kittens for sale under £500
Ragdoll Kittens with Blue eyes and white fur
Scottish Himalayan kittens for sale:

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Adorable scottish Himalayan kittens some have straight ears and some folded,all of them have blue eyes.
All vaccines included, 3 years health warranty, they come with toys,blanket and some food